Premiere: 2 – Lose Endz – Fresh Degrees [outright005]

Summer is upon us and with the stronger rays of the sun there is a renewed positivity in music for those long afternoons and blessed mornings. With their last white hot EP being delivered courtesy of Robert James, Outright Records now prep their next extended player in time for those special summer moments.

Already onto their fifth edition Outright Records present an absolute sun beam of a VA which incorporates the work of Spaniard Lose Endz as well as an edit from an unknown, yet clearly very talented artist.

We shift our focus to track two from Lose Endz ‘Fresh Degrees’ and the light positively shines from the center. Tough kicks lead out the track but as the track progresses the fullness of the kicks really helps to fill out the low end of the track to a phat roundness. String pads soar alongside a bumping bassline that really elevates this track to a more hi energy house section. The flecks of acid synth add a little more depth here too and the result is a bomb of a house track that would easily sit in a variety of scenarios that all end in beaming smiles from everybody in the vicinity.

Staying in the upfront house groove and ‘Simply Clever’ certainly bangs in all the right places. Classy piano chords and accompanying female vocals phrases combine to produce a dreamy acid lullaby. Skipping snares dance playfully moving the track with serious amounts of swing. ‘When You Start The Holidays’ has a much more filter house approach and to great effect too. Vocal trills punctuate nicely and so completes the high tempo house offerings from Lose Endz.

Circling back to the top of the release and an unknown artist has given Diana Ross’ ‘I Am Coming Up’ A timely update for more modern floors. The tidy sampling and upfront piano stabs make for a rousing slab of feel good house.

outright005 from Lose Endz is now available via Bandcamp.

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