Premiere: A2 – Alvaro Medina – Red Saturday [DJEBPR011]

Djebali’s excellent self-titled imprint originally started out life as a platform for the talented artist to present his own taken on groove packed tech house. This soon gave way to him giving homes to like-minded artists such as Mr KS, Chris Carrier, Tuccilo, Premiesku and later Chris Stussy and Lose Endz.

Next up to deliver a thumping selection of dancefloor focused cuts is Alvaro Medina, this Spaniard has lined up for the likes of Get Physical, Bla Bla Music and Vatos Locos and now he joins Djebali’s imprint with this deep stomper of a 4 track EP. Heading straight to A2 track ‘Red Saturday’ for our pick of the release Alvaro connects snappy hats and skipping snares to a shimmering pad that sets the tone for the rest of the release. Detuned reversed synths soon make an appearance that help to offset the dreamlike sequence of synths and pads nicely. ‘Red Saturday’ bumps along nicely and doesn’t clutter the mix too much as is the attraction of this track and the rest of the EP.

A1 ‘Flying Fish’ also keeps within this deep, dreamy ethos while still giving enough punch to the subs to blow away a dancefloor in full flow. The huge bassline that drops in and out of the mix is massive and will almost definitely result in a room full of bass faces when applied to the crowd.

‘Blessed Skull’ on B1 treads a similar path to ‘Flying Fish’ in that it gives the same euphoric feeling while still pounding the kicks. Smart drum arrangements move this track along at a brisk pace and really help to keep the ear interested while the musical elements are fairly minimal.

Finishing up this release is a slightly more upbeat and banging version of ‘Blessed Skull’ from newcomer Lose Ends, as he provided the previous release in the shape of own 4 track EP he is given the task of remix a track on the next EP. His version skips along nicely with increased energy levels thanks to some new sound fx and modular zaps. A solid slice of wax yet again from Djebali and the talent he employs with each new release.

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