Premiere: A1 – Jake Flory – Architects Design [AC002]

Since the beginning, Animal Crossing has always looked to do things a little different from the rest of the heard. From their playful branding and animations, off-site parties that they have just announced will include The Ghost, John Dimas, and Christian AB at the next edition on Saturday, October 10th, to the way they program their label. Now shaping up to drop the second release they have enlisted the talents of close friend Jake Flory.

Starting out with title track and A1 banger ‘Architect Design’ is straight out of the blocks with crisp clean percussion giving the perfect vehicle for the infectious ear-worm bassline. There is no other way to describe this track than super infectious and we are not talking about COVID-19. The warping and detuning organ line pops up in the main break of the track and from there it works its way into your brain until you can’t ever imagine not hearing it before. The garbled vocal and spiraling sound FX adds to this feeling and just makes it even catchier. Being able to get this effect with so few musical elements is a real skill and Jake nails it on ‘Architect Design’.

A2 track ‘Si’ is just as infectious and Jake’s pinpoint grooves take center stage. Aiding the vibe that has become Jake’s calling card is some excellent stabs and shimmering synth pads. Flipping over to B1 ‘Rhode Island’ as the name suggests Jake utilises some rather tasty Rhodes licks while B2 ‘Dynamics’ concentrates on a more minimal motif with a bit of acid thrown in for good measure. As usual from the Animal Crossing crew, everything has very well-curated, designed, animated, and produced and this 4-tracker from Jake Flory will undoubtedly be a hit for the Manchester collective.

You can grab Jake Flory’s ‘Architect Design’ EP on pre-order at

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