Premiere: A1 – Estmode – LepLoop [VHC004]

Italian duo Estmode is in charge of the dials for the 4th release on their Vidre ‘Hand Crafted Series’ EP. They deliver a uniquely complex and organic trip through minimal techno that is coupled with one-off artwork and a very limited run of 180g vinyl with engraving making it a truly original piece of art that expands over the two-track release.

Lead track ‘Leploop’ is a somewhat organic almost jazz-like version of minimal with flanged and glitched sound effects dripping from the various percussion parts. The only constant is the thudding kick drum and the occasional inclusion of a seriously crispy clap. The detuned bassline adds a pitch-black element to proceedings while the background strings and piano stabs lightening up the mood in an almost immediate stark contrast. The programming and arrangement on ‘LepLoop’ are stunning and warped sound inserts only add to the mystery of what musical avenue will be explored next.

‘Primer’ over on B1 is a straighter choice but again makes great use of the detuned synths and finely weighted sound design found on ‘LepLoop’. Hollow percussion and rumbling bass tones fill all available frequency space perfectly and produces an EP that, as a whole offers such a rounded and thought-provoking listening experience. Music aside, each of the Hand Crafted Series is accompanied by spectacular artwork from the artists themselves making each release a full 360 work of art.

So, if you like what you hear then you should definitely check out Estmode’s jazz flecked atmospheric work on VDR001 while you wait to get your hands on VDR004.

Pre-sale is now open for Estmode’s VDR004 via

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