Premiere: A1 – Estmode – Fat Mailo [VHC005]


Florence based minimal duo Estmode shape their fifth output on the in-house Vidre Hand Craft series.

Ermir Zotaj & Simone Papi, together as Estmode have been a prolific presence across the deeper, tripped outside of minimal. Pressing 11 records together since their debut in 2016, the duo have formed a patient, music first vision which has won the attention of the audiophile community.

Their most recent release featured back in December, showcasing the bespoke ‘Hand Craft’ project paired with one-off paintings and engravement on a limited run of vinyl.

Each record in the series is presented with stunning, Jean-Michel Basquiat-esque hand-drawn paintings from the founders. Pressed on 180g with one track per side, it is evident that this project is loaded with passion.

This appetite for quality seeps into the music in VHC005. Stretching out across the two long-form compositions, Estmode further their explorations into lucid, jam-driven expressions. ‘Fat Mailo’ brings the more upbeat, hypnotic states familiar with the minimalist club circuit.

A crooked bassline navigates the arrangement, slotting between sleek hats layered with the same lazy, tripped-out character that echoes throughout the 13-minute piece. Gentle chords eventually wash over the mix, bringing a sense of order to the freeform ideas morphing into one another with an enchanting charm.

‘Master Joe’ slows things down on the B-side. Coming in at just under 15 minutes, it’s the kind of dreamy soundscape you could get lost in for hours. Narrated by a delicate vocal part and crafty percussions leaning towards the wonky, acoustic palate heard in much of Villalobos’ work.

Elements unfold with a pleasantly unhurried nature, before welcoming a delightful flute-like melody bringing a sense of harmony to the dissonance. Subtle chords mirror melodies with a similar elegance to the early Amorf work, pulling serene, classical-leaning influences towards the dance floor to create these long-form, emotive works.

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