Premiere: A1 – Estmode – Lilith [VHC006]

photo of the hand painted vinyl artwork

Estmode’s stunning Vidre Handcraft Project is back with its sixth release.

The Italian duo and label owners have created a refreshing aesthetic in the vinyl market. Pushing the boundaries of what can squeeze into the presentation of a 12 inch record, each release is accompanied by a hand-painted artwork designed to compliment the release.

Pressed on 200g heavyweight vinyl, the vision of the project is to create a life-long collectors item, with individual engraving, premium mastering and the most intimate productions from the collective.

‘Lilith’ continues this precious approach in the featured premiere. Stretching out over 11 minutes, the Italian architects delve deep into a pensive breakbeat venture. Minute details fizz between the intricate beats, layer on layer of microscopic sounds bring a lush depth to the track.

Elements are given time to breathe, gradually stretching out in a lucid, jam-like flow, it’s as if stepping inside the minds of Estmode. Subtle creaks, pops and cracks seep through into the mix like the mechanics of a thought process. Similar to the more initiate excursions pushed by the likes of Mihigh and Barac of Romania’s circuit, the honesty and raw emotion buried in the music can induce a deeply immersive listening experience.

Whether it’s during a pensive moment at home after work, or deep into a marathon party, this is intricate head music. A gorgeous chord sequence eventually trickles into the mix, oozing over the beats like a warm fire bringing a comforting energy along with it. Whispery vocals are constantly evolving throughout the track, warping inside one another and reversing with a devastatingly hypnotic effect.

Suited to the majestic hand painted artwork of six face-like creatures, the mood of the track explores a multitude of emotions. Meandering into pockets of hope when the piano chords take the lead, or retreating into an introverted corner of glitchy, modular-like atmospheres perfect for plucking the brains of an after-hour crowd.

‘Camie Elisi’ walks down a more 4/4 routed direction. Spiralling into similar, thought-provoking moods, carefully considered elements work together with a delightfully satisfying charm. It’s the sign of two producers in full flow state, allowing whatever comes to the forth be expressed without compromise. The sixth instalment of this unique project is a mature excursion into audiophile levels of sound design, accompanied by raw and intimate feelings throughout.

Each record thus far has unsurprisingly sold out and now gained a sought after status on Discogs. Pioneering the singular, one per customer presentation of vinyl, the label is set to reach great heights. Learn more about the project in our feature with the founder here, and listen back to VHC004 and 005.

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