Review: Estmode – Hand Crafted Series 08 [VHC008]

Operating at the more avante-garde end of the minimal spectrum Estmode and their Vidre imprint has always been well received. Italian duo Ermir and Simone have crafted a truly unique offering with every passing release. Whether that’s from their micro produced tracks, which are always long form jams, or from the beautifully crafted artwork that adorns each release.

With the whole EP split across just two tracks the run time of each track flows across the full side of each side of this premium piece of wax. A1 ’Forbidden’ is the more upfront of the two but still manages to insert a whole lot of abstract sound design into its depths. Detuned synths, distorted sound FX and skipping snares all dance around a thudding kick drum. The carefully curated sound palette is a definite calling card of Estmode’s work as is the original artwork that accompanies every release.

On the flip is the deeper, jazzier cut ‘Funk You’. With a more flattened sub bass action the room filling claps take care of much of the mid-range of the track and this leaves plenty of space for the fizzing percussion to move the track and a great many directions. Indecipherable vocal clips hint at a micro conversation running through a filter that leaves the listener to decide what the topic was. The long form nature of the track and highly original execution of the musical content means that these tracks are always supported by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos and Raresh.

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