Premiere: 2 – ABC Collective (Bread&Butter, Somesan, Stan) – Aura Balaur [ABC001]

It seems unfathomable that it was just over a year ago that we were delivering news of ABC Events turning 6, but since then the ABC crew behind one of Romania’s full 360 minimal outfits a lot has happened. Firstly, there have been many top Void Acoustic powered parties from the crew in that time but most notable is the team launching their digital-only offshoot label Always Bring Cash. The team is made up of Bread&Butter, Herck, Somesan, Timirash, and Stan and on their first release, the combined effort results in 5 low-slung swaggering original cuts.

We pick up the release with the second track that pulls the talents of core members Bread&Butter, Somesan, and Stan for ‘Aura Baluar’. Echoing wood blocks and seemingly out of time percussion lead out with what seems little structure until the undulating bassline and kick give serious context. The super-low hum of the sub-bass that underpins the whole track needs a second listen to make sure it is not a faulty wire but when it is found to purposely placed and the prospect of what it will sound like on one of ABC’s monster Void sound systems the track takes on a whole new meaning.

Subtle and intricate music made to transfer over to huge systems is a skill that Romanian producers have reveled in since the beginning of their time in electronic music and this is taken up a notch with this release. ‘Industrial’ from Bread&Butter, TmrsTn and Eli takes us back to the start of the release and the low rattling vibe unfolds over a full 13 minutes. Meandering at an even pace flickers of musicality enter sporadically throughout the extended journey.

‘Level Up’ from TmrsTn and Bread&Butter, who is the only artist to appear on all tracks throughout the release and offers a dark droning experience again with mere flecks of cosmic rays creeping in throughout. ‘Nu Stiu’ again from TmrsTn and Bread&Butter is an infinitely brighter track but still retains the measured attitude of the previous tracks. The bumping bassline and sweet vocal cuts combine to produce a minimal meets deep house groove that contrasts nicely with the rest of the EP.

Lastly, hotshot producer Herck links up with Bread&Butter for perhaps the meanest track on the release – ‘Fly Prjek’. Again, operating at frequency levels that would be lost on some sound systems the bassline and production style really helps ABC Collective to showcases both their production skills and the quality of the sound systems that they supply. The wobbling bassline and off-kilter percussion and ethereal sound hits push and pull this track in all manner of directions. If you are not up to date with what Always Bring Cash and ABC are doing in the studio and behind the decks ensure you get up to speed as it is their mandate to supply a truly unique aural experience each time they put their name to a project.

The release is available from Juno Download.

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