Premiere: A1 – Bread & Butter, Sandru – Mulholland Drive [ABC001]

Romanian collective ABC / Always Bring Cash returns with a new vinyl only series.

After multiple standouts, that is their own release on their digital only imprint, their numerous outstanding parties including their own precision tuned Void soundsystem, or their appearances on other labels, the ABC crew continues its journey with new projects for 2023.

Only a few weeks since the year began and they’re already giving us the best news. ABC launches a new vinyl-only series, starting with two of their bomb producers: Bread & Butter and Sandru. One of the perfect combinations of the collective, those two really know how to collaborate and Trommel already spotted it in the past. They’ve already impressed us with their appearance on Organic Society’s VA ‘Two years anniversary’ with their track ‘La Pisici’ or on Dutch label Implimind with ‘Lacuna Albstra’. Their B2B is also something to see or to listen back.

And now, for our greatest joy, they deliver a full EP. Four tracks, including one special remix by another member of the collective, Herck.

The EP opens with the track ‘Mulholland Drive’, true to what the duo does best. They deliver a very minimalist, subtle, quite dark, and definitely vibrant track. Listening to it, we’re not sure if they’re taking us underwater or far away in space, but what’s one hundred percent sure is that they’re definitely taking us to another world. The sound is built to the detail. A craftsman’s work.

They pace their sound with a pulsing beat, subtly punctuated with clearer and more melodious sounds. And like a fresh breath to the ear that we did not expect, a female voice slides from time to time between the bass.

Other member of the ABC crew Herck brings his touch to the track on the B side of the EP, for a softer and groovier version. The feminine voice takes more space in his remix as the producer combines it with housey elements and airy beats. Quite different, and definitely another one to have in your set.

ABC crew launched their digital-only label Always Bring Cash in 2020, after years of organising outstanding parties in Romania. They celebrated their 9th anniversary last November featuring Priku, Gescu, and the pair Bread & Butter and Sandru, in their city of heart: Arad. If 2023 signs their 10th anniversary, we can’t wait to see what will happen this year. Now composed of seven members (Atmann, Bread&Butter, Herck, Sandru, Somesan, Timirash and visualist Senpai Stuff), it looks like the crew is now unstoppable.

‘Mulholland Drive EP’, the first of ABC’s vinyl-only series, is out today so don’t sit on it! You’ll find it at

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