Premiere: ABC Collective (Bread&Butter, TmrsTn) – Solo Moon [ABC003]


ABC Collective return with their third digital release.

The crew have been a long time staple in the Romanian underground, hosting events with their esteemed Void sound system for over six years with the likes of Cabanne, Cezar and many more.

Various producers have contributed to the ABC Collective alias for their new label Always Bring Cash, with Bread&Butter, Somesan, and Stan on the first release as heard in our premiere of ‘Aura Balaur’.

Bread&Butter joins forces with TmrsTn in the outfit’s next release, exploring audiophile minimal works possessed with groove.

Dissonant, anaolgue expressions familiar to many dance floors across the capital of Romania’s hypnotic, loopy club music via the likes of Club Guesthouse, Waha, and Sunwaves festivals dominate the premiered track ‘Solo Moon’. 

Low-slung beats designed to come alive on high-end club systems set a modest mood, loosely swinging at the rear of crackly, mind-bending melodies. Changes are minute, occasionally losing or adding a slick hat or clap, meandering through a perpetual arrangement wrapping up close to 10 minutes in duration.

A Creepy bassline slithers between clean, unhurried drums anchoring the track for lengthy periods, lending itself kindly to multi-deck, extended mixes often favoured by much of the Romanian roster.

Five lean, extended cuts make up the digital release, with various collaborations amongst the crew, featuring a mesmeric 11-minute workout from Herck & Stan.

Buy the EP at the label’s BandcampJuno Download.

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