Premiere: 1 – Colinaze – Dharma [HR033]

Having delivered cuts for the likes of Whoyostro and Music Related, UK artist Colinaze based in Dubai turns his hand to lush bass-heavy breakbeats on Habits Records.

The ‘Dharma’ EP features a trio of originals from the UK artist as well as a remix from Cooke and we kick off with the title track.

We lead out our review with track one on the release ‘Dharma’ and the breakbeats dance playfully around a deep brooding bassline. Forthright snares strike out deep from within the mix while evolving pads and repeating bleeps swirl around the vicinity. It is easy to see why this has been a fabvourite with the likes of Cosmjn, Mihai Pol and Costin Rp.

‘Oceanic 6’ is a much darker affair with twilight inducing bass tones making their way through the gloom with only the clack of the tightly pitched percussion for reference. On the flip of this track is Cooke, an artist that Habits Records has been looking forward to introducing. Here he takes a more minimal house direction on ‘Oceanic 6’ and the clipped hats, zaps and pitched toms work together to form an abstractly musical patchwork. Completing this outing is ‘Morning Glory’ and the drums have been dialled up a fair bit and the subsequently ramped bassline responds in kind. The upbeat and sun kissed synths contrast nicely to the dark shades of bass that engulf the lower end of this track.

‘Dharma’ EP from Colinaze on Habits Records is now available via Bandcamp.

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