Premiere: Oskar Szafraniec feat. Benjamin Yellowitz – Floating (Herck River Remix) [TRAUMV230]

Melancholy meets groove in Herck’s latest reshape.

Working together with the Polish eccentric Oskar Szafraniec and Benjamin Yellowitz, delicate vocal work twines with Herck‘s Romanian flair in this immersive trip. Patience and intricacy become centerpiece as rich textures bubble beneath subtle rhythms, gently stretching out across a 12-minute arrangement.

Shaping around vocals from the original, Herck’s approach is complimentary yet non-intrusive. A humble mix-down common with much of minimal’s delicate essence allows elements to shine, without demanding attention.

Sounds are soft and airy, yet full of character. Creeping in and out of the mix, frequencies caress one another in a mindful arrangement, as if not wanting to disturb the soul of the original. Gloomy, weightless chords blossom amongst percussion, occasionally mimicking the vocal at effortless intervals.

Herck’s ornamental beauty is showcased to the finest degree in this remix.

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