Premiere: Nima Gorji – Cosmic Echoes (East End Dubs Remix) [EON1]

Heading up the debut release for the new Mexico based Elison Imprint, Nima Gorji yields a slice of cosmic minimal, remixed by East End Dubs and Varhat.

Stripping back from the original’s intricate groove, East End Dub’s orchestrates a new, high energy direction for the track. Delicate textures glisten at the rear of the mix, driven by a slick, unhurried bassline built for the dance floor. Intelligent additions accompany Nima’s ideas, subtle melodies dance in unison alongside features from the original, supplementing the existing rolling vibe with a touch of UK tech house familiar with the likes of London labels Fuse and Eastenderz.

Elements drift in and out of a steady arrangement, drawing on flexibility for DJ’s to perform extended mixes with the track. This relaxed, incessant sound typical of the producers from this corner of dance music has spread to a global scale in recent years. Elison Imprint is a worldwide project, operating out of Mexico and led by Spanish based Nima Gorj, the first release stretches across the globe remixed by London native East End Dubs and Parisian mainstay Varhat.

Preorder available now, shipping from September.


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