Premiere: Jay Tripwire – Atonal Ascension (Mike Shannon Remix) [SPARK03]

On a huge roll, Detroit based label Moteur Ville Musique has made quite a splash since their first edition with Basti Grub and then doubled down on this with a release from J Gabriel and Chuffing Buffy that featured remixes from none other than Delano Smith and Rick Wade. Now on to the third instalment they have enlisted yet another legend in the realm of stripped back house music.

Pioneering Canadian tech-house OG Jay Tripwire is welcomed into the fold at Moteur Ville Musique for his dreamy ‘Atonal Ascension’ EP. The original is full of e-soaked synth washes, piano licks and a superb detuned wandering bassline that is sure to coax even the most lethargic from their seat. The Mbira notes used throughout the track also really chill out the overall vibe of the track but ‘Atonal Asension’ is anything but a chillout track.

Moving on to our pick of the release is Mike Shannon’s remix and in true Shannon style he has upped the energy levels just enough for the track to be more urgent and peak time friendly. The drums are much more upfront, taught and link closer with the Mbira sections as these have been tightened up in the groove. The synth pads and washes are used much more sparingly to allow the power of the groove to really take over. The sub-bass that Shannon has employed sits perfectly just under the kick and gives some serious weight to the tightly wound hat and noise snare combo that runs throughout.

Next is fellow Detroiter Mister Joshooa and his version picks up from where Mike Shannon left off and has chosen to ditch the Mbira altogether in favour of solely concentrating on the groove. All elements of the track have been toughened up for more impact yet still retaining the moody flow of the original. This re-rub is more of a peak time offering compared to the previous incarnations and the use of a much more upfront bumping bassline bangs nicely.

Changing things up a bit is Jay’s second original on the release, ‘Baddest MFer’ is a much deeper affair and begins with a simple breakbeat intro which soon gives way to day dream like jangling percussion, some unintelligible mutterings and a further switch up to a 4/4 beat. Leaning more towards a more leftfield house tip Tripwire soon twists and turns the track out to an after-hours brain melter.

Over on the Dub Tool Mix Jay ups the ante on his original version and considerably strips things back from the off and takes the track into classic Jay Tripwire territory with this 808 club-banger.

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