Trommel.180 – Jay Tripwire

By this point you should be well acquainted with the many works and aliases of Jay Tripwire, so we won’t bore you with the long version. Not that we don’t want wax lyrical about just how influential this Canadian artist is, we just don’t want to spoil the discovery of his encyclopaedic back catalogue. Few can lay claim to the lineage that Jay Tripwire possesses. With a discography longer than most diggers’ Discogs wishlist this legendary artist can usually be found clad in black, but emitting occasional flashes of colour. 

This seems to be a schtick that has served Jay especially well since the turn of the century as his legion of fans will attest. When we say fans, we don’t just mean the many dancers that refuse to vacate the many dance floors that Tripwire lays waste to, his tracks have, and will continue to populate the record bags of generations of DJ’s past, present, and future. Even after such a long and illustrious career Jay continues to reinvent himself, but not because he needs to, and not to change direction, but because he still has so much more to say.

Moving on Jay’s mix for our podcast series and again the music does the talking. Recorded in NYC at an after hours, his sonic tact is not just a collection of his favourite tracks. No, this journey is specifically curated and geared towards people having their own sesh after party. The near 3 hour mix maintains a classy atmosphere that couples airy minimal with indecipherable vocals snips, off kilter synth stabs, and dub soaked reverb tails. Hit play and enjoy your trip with your favourite poison.

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