Premiere: D1 – Denis Kaznacheev – Poromechanics [YY006]

Nothing is guaranteed in the world of underground music, promoters fizzle out, DJs disappear and nothing is permanent. So when there’s a cause for celebration, it’s always best to make it count.

For their sixth anniversary, Berlin-based booking agency-stroke-label, Rotate, have released a jam-packed compilation over four sides of wax, featuring key associated artists. Rotations II follows on from the previous Rotations I, released in 2016.

Nervmusic co-founder Denis Kaznacheev has been slowing climbing up the recognition ladder in the past two years to become your favourite DJ’s producer. So it’s with great pleasure we premiere his track ‘Poromechanics’ from the compilation.

There are lots of producers who produce looping, hypnotic minimal, but there’s few, if any, who do it better than Kaznacheev at the minute. Totalling almost fifteen minutes in length, it’d be easy to dismiss this track as overdone minimal composition. However, the Russian illustrates his talent for layering and perfectly guided his music through every possible avenue.

A whole arsenal of hardware and software is utilised, with a hypnotic bassline that’s sure to leave you in a trance and seems almost perfectly designed for when the morning sunlight is beginning to interrupt your after-hours.

But it’s Denis’ ability to create a dance track and then seemingly think ‘How weird can I push this and still make people dance?’ That philosophy is seemingly in full swing with distorted cowbells, groans of hardware and distant voices all complimenting the staple features of the track.

Rotations II also features debuts from Yuzo Iwata and Leiris, who showcase their talent for constructing dreamy minimal. Dutch talent Levi Verspeek also makes an appearance with ‘Paying 420’ and makes no apologies for his focus on groove and utilisation of percussive loops.

Rotations II is available for pre-order via Deejay, Yoyaku or any good record store.

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