Premiere: C2 – YM – Hayday [DMT011]

The Dungeon Meat label is ready with, probably, their biggest release so far. It’s the third part of their “Weapons Of Ass Destruction” (what a name, ah!) that is bigger than the previous two combined. Two vinyls, 7 tracks, sorry – weapons! Time to activate “NUTTERTOOLS” cheat code and check them one by one.

Starting, of course, with our main guest, that is hiding under the alias of YM. As I was told by Brawther, this is their friend, who decided to stay anonymous. Fine by me. Still, kinda disappointing news, since “Hayday” is a really nice piece of work. Solid, “dungeon-meaty” type of kick, groovy bassline, moderately funny vocal cuts (I’m not 100% sure, but it seems, that we can hear the word “deep” from you-know-what-track by Hardrive here) and that double modern and nostalgic feel at once. Don’t know who has done that feel better recently, than Dungeon Meat, to be honest. Well done, YM!

What else do we have on the record? The A-side goes to Sunio Yo in full, being kinda an intro to the record with a very calm stomper, called “Sachem”. The B-side is divided into two parts – the first one is taken by Pierre Codarin and on the second we can hear the Dungeon Meat legend – Larry De Kat. Two very loud rollers, must say. The C-side opener by AM Project is, probably, the most UK-ish track on the compilation. The D-side opener by Revivis could easily be considered the most modern one. For the closing part we have a club tool by Scott Diaz – and this is it. We were promised some dynamite ones – we got them.

Well, it seems, that the Dungeon Meat label has jumped into its hot streak. We still remember their previous TNT release by Locklead, now we have this one, later – a compilation, based on Brawther’s “Enter The Dragon” sample pack. And, as I was told by Brawther again – much much more to come. Don’t sleep on Dungeon Meat in 2022 – that’s all I can say right now.

Don’t sleep on “Weapons Of Ass Destruction Vol III” too. The release is already waiting for your pre-orders on Juno, Deejay, Decks or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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