Trommel.175 – Dungeon Meat (Brawther & Tristan da Cunha)

This year celebrating ten years in the game together, the duo of Brawther and Tristan da Cunha aka Dungeon Meat have since that very first gig have always brought the noise. Their mission has always been to rid the world of mediocre house music and that is exactly what they have done. From UNUM Festival to After Caposile, Glastonbury to Slapfunk, and soon Sumdayz Festival in Italy – they have slayed all comers. 

Their own productions are just as raucous and with a starting point coming by way of 2013 game changing weapon “The Fuck Off Track” and from there the only way was up and out. Their own label of the same name has also from the first release become a barometer for quality house and garage and has welcomed releases from Julian Alexander, Point G, Mr G, Locklead, as well as VA’s that include Rob Obvious, Per Hammar, Honey Dijon, Desert Sound Colony, and many others.

Recorded live at their recent headlining set for Audial at Leeds electronic music haven, The Imaginarium, and the results as you might expect – thunderous. The only thing that can match the pair’s blistering beats is their unwavering energy behind the decks. Shifting between turbocharged house, sub destroying garage, and a large dollop of the funky stuff. The synergy between Brawther and Tristan da Cunha is a thing of beauty and truly a sight to behold. If ever there was a podcast that literally jumps out of the speakers it is this tour de force from Dungeon Meat.

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