Premiere: B2 – Incus – My Jam [DMT012]

Recognizing the words “Dungeon” and “Meat” in one sentence, should probably make the butterflies in your stomach move a little bit faster if you’re a fan of enormously fat basslines inside garage tunes. This one lived up to all the expectations… Like, actually every single one of Dungeon Meat. I still remember, how we were checking the soundsystem at one place before the party, playing the A1 from DMT06 on repeat. The soundcheck was interrupted by neighbors with police… But, that’s another story, let’s save it for later.

Today we’re having a special one, at least, because it wasn’t planned. In 2021 Dungeon Meat released a special sample pack and did a competition with the winner landing on DMT011. But there were too many great tracks to just leave only one. So the idea of “Enter The Dungeon” release came. All four tracks on the release are not just great – they are definitely signature for the label. At least, I associate Dungeon Meat with that exact sound.
Like our today’s “My Jam” by Incus. Play it – and from the first second you’ll have that firm, tight kick that plays the solo during the whole track. And, it seems, only Dungeon Meat know how to make the tracks with a setup like that interesting. A delicate melody and some sexy vocals are not trying to steal our attention, but just finishing the picture with their gentle touches.

The record starts with another kicker. “Pure Veg” by Snad is another example of that hardbanging kick, just being put in a bit more swinging position. Probably should be called “Pure Meat”, nah? “Nice To Meat You” by Oward, will probably make your afterparties a bit longer with that roll that can go on repeat for hours. And the last one here, but definitely not least – actually, my favorite one on the record – “Rentre Dans Le Donjon” by 2HOT2HANDLE. UKG in full effect – won’t say any more about it – buy the record and you will know how good it sounds.

About “buy the record”. You know the drill – Juno, Deejay, Decks should be your destinations here, while DMT013 is cooking. And, as I remember, Brawther told me before, that they will have some more interesting stuff very soon. Hmhmhm…

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