Premiere: B3 – Ion Ludwig & Sallaerts – IJsselzand III [MEANDER 28π]

Next in line to produce the next edition of Meander’s Horizon π Series is Ion Ludwig. The first edition of this remarkable series was produced by DeWalta and the result was the ambient leaning long-player Lyra π.

For this next uniquely leftfield release from on point imprint Meander Ludwig has teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Twan Sallaerts
 and the result is a widescreen cinematic trip through sound that takes in the pairs carefully recorded jam sessions. The result is the thought-provoking electroacoustic 6 track ambient EP ‘Entre-Acte’, with all 6 tracks having a distinctly different flavor this hugely introspective release only goes to cement both Ludwig and Meander’s place at the forefront of minimal tinged electronic music.

Beginning with the title track on A1 is ‘Entre-Acte’, a shimmering downtempo jam which could quite easily soundtrack the tender moments after finally arriving home after the beats finally stop. ‘Towaknos Carpet’ on A2 is a much deeper affair and using what appears to be a reeded instrument played at a much lower octave provides the deep bass tones that give the track a much more sinister direction to that of ‘Entre-Acte’.

With side A clocking in at just over 20 minutes for the 2 tracks, side B features 4 shorter cuts but is bristling with creative flair and eastern leaning musicality. ‘Epic Feelings’ on B1 offers just that, rising and falling synth pads, bass plucks and loose brushed drums propel this track onwards until it segues into ‘C.A.T. Track’ on B2. More of a development of the previous track, this could easily have been the same track but with the jazz-infused drum arrangement and flurries of activity and detuned synths, B2 definitely has a more urgent message than what has come before it.

Our pick of the release, however, is ‘Ijsselzand’ on B3 which opens with the intense lengthened reed/accordion notes which began life at the tail end of B2 and finally gives way to an eastern tinged melody, swelling distortion, and an unnerving filtered synth stab. This beatless section of the release all works together with the other ‘tracks’ on side B and give way to each other until finally B4 track ‘Marche DInstrumentalique’ finally introduces snippets of vocals and the last lingering view of the reeded organ notes that begin to harmonize together once they are slotted into place with an almost mechanical sound effect.

The limited edition of this avant-garde release from Meander is currently available on transparent heavyweight vinyl from

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