Review: Pauli – Solara EP (Incl Ion Ludwig Remix) [ISA002]


Montreal-based Aissa Records shape their second vinyl release.

The Canadian scouts invite Pauli to unleash three elegant club cuts from his locker, alongside a stunning remix from Ion Ludwig.

Dubfound & Lee Burton featured in the label’s inaugural release, setting the mood with sultry, audiophile explorations suited nicely for the after-hour dance floor.

This ear for refined, tripped-out music seeps into many small pockets of club culture around the world. Aissa’s roster already taps into roots from Moldova, Greece, Hungary, and the Netherlands, in just two releases.

Pauli’s contribution showcases the humble dedication connected to these corners of dance music. The featured ‘Solara’ EP peeks into a bottomless production catalogue common with many of the scene’s producers, committed to crafting pristine sound design, and reluctant to self promote.

Check out 90 minutes of unreleased jams from the Hungarian in his recent Trommel InSession podcast.

The title track ‘Solara’ opens the record with a reassuring groove. Slinky percussion navigates its way through a bed of subby textures, lacing ideas with warm and gentle atmospheres fundamental to a hi-fidelity listening experience.

Snappy snares allude to the track’s only real breakdown, inviting an optimistic xylophone-like melody into the mix, twinkling at the rear before being swept into the heads-down rhythm of a subtle bassline.

This full, punchy character in the low end continues throughout the record with ‘Phase Issue’ exploring soulful, garagey flavours in the B2. Pauli taps into the influence of residing on British turf, working sensual female vocal blips between neat break-beats and a lively bassline, loaded with UK attitude.

Flow Matic’ maintains a more floor-focused pace with a nimble workout driven by the classic Roland 909 drum palate. Nifty rim shots sing in unison with tight snare sequences and a lush open hat, each meandering their way around a slippery bassline leading the charge.

Ion Ludwig concludes the release with an elegant reshape of ‘Solara’. The prolific Dutchman continues to push the minimalist movement forward. After years of explorations in countless releases, new ideas, sounds, and movements continue to prosper in his music.

Drums are simplistic and dusty, simmering low in the mix allowing for the stunning melody-heavy arrangements to bloom. The rich, ethereal mood from the original remains throughout, accompanied by Ludwig’s classy chords and clever vocal work.

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