Premiere: B2 – Mike Shannon – Galatica [CYN085]


Mike Shannon shapes the 85th release on his beloved Cynosure Recordings label with a versatile three track EP.

The output of the Canadian workhorse dates back to the year 2000, presenting countless EPs, four full length albums and several collaborative projects over the years. It’s no secret that Mike Shannon is truly devoted to music, whether it’s through his bottomless pit of experimental club cuts, dubby ambient work, or the infectious collaborative energy between himself and close friend DeWalta that recently contributed a Trommel podcast.

Both producers continue to have immense influence on the electronic music landscape, constantly pushing the boundaries of sound and inspiring generations of producers at either side of them. Shannon’s label Cynosure Recordings speaks for itself, approaching it’s 85th release, the label has welcomed a plethora of innovative artists in the likes of Brett Johnson and Matthew Johnson and actually celebrated 20 years in the game last September with a 20 track compilation.

Combining the intricate shifts of minimal with a sophisticated range of influences ranging from jazz, soul and funk layers, their unique aesthetic has always been one to watch, strongly standing the test of time to this day.

Delving deeper into his tastes within stripped back, cerebral minimal, ‘Galactics’ explores a range of moods each caressed with the same audiophile level of detail, slipping layers on top of one another and forming textures with a unique palate of sounds.

‘Galactica’ showcases this abstract, funk-driven sound in the featured premiere. Stretching out over seven minutes, peculiar pops and squabbles that sound fresh from an extended modular jam set the scene. Pinned by neat, subtle hi-hats and a simple claps, elements gradually build over a patient rhythm, stretching notes and weaving intricate tweaks to the drum palate that could keep you hooked for hours.

It’s the kind of enigmatic minimal you often hear round the clock at Berlin’s Hoppetosse and CDV venues. Elements are left to sing and evolve, leaving meaning up to interpretation and embracing the warmth and imperfections of analogue produced music.

‘Hover Drive’ lifts the energy on the flip, exploring a similar dubbed out palate, wrapping stunning, emotive chords around a subby bassline that is gasping to be heard on a crisp sound system. Closing out the record, ‘Re-Equate Yourself’ meanders through a more pensive mood, morphing trippy hi-hats into a playful bassline that toys with tension and release to great effect.

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