Trommel.150 – Mike Shannon

When you have been in the game a certain length of time milestone come around a lot and for our marquee 150th edition of our main podcast we welcome Mike Shannon. In operation since the turn of the millennium, Mike is a firm favourite in most reaches of the electronic realm. His seminal imprint Cynosure is also coming up hot on their landmark 100th release and the Canadian is nowhere near slowing down as the 85th release and his ‘Galactica’ EP is about to drop on your door step. His approach to music is all encompassing, from the way in which he crafts his music using a myriad of modular kit, to his residency at Club Der Visionaere, and of course traversing the globe lighting up dance floors where ever he goes.

This is not the first time Mike has landed on our podcast pages as he previously provided a live jam his long time studio partner DeWalta. This time we find Mike in solo mode and in command of a pair of turntables. Playing live is a deeply personally and cathartic experience, but Mike can’t be relied upon to make ALL the bomb music. This is when artists take to the decks and for our landmark 150th edition we could not think of a better soul to invite to mark the occasion. This after hours mix from Mike might be a bit of a curve ball in places to the uninitiated, to those in the know this is just another side to one our scenes most cherished artists in a different mode.

We could wax lyrical about this mix all day long about the simplicity of the 2 turntable setup for this mix and the use of the vintage Vestax PMC50-A mixer, but Mike gives us the full breakdown of the ride…”The arc of the mix is a homage to the Afterhour in your house… arriving back from a crazy night, still buzzing hard (minimal house), then easing into a second wind groove (Chicago influenced house), then smoking a joint and mellowing out (Beatdown Detroit house), then crawling closer to your bed (hiphop soul) and then ending off with the Art Of Noise – ‘Moments In Love’ as your last record in bed with your lover.

We couldn’t put it better ourself.

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