Premiere: B1 – Submod – Caspar [ETHERNAL004]

Submod step up for the next release for Ethernal, the micro-house leaning sublabel of the prolific Daydream which has been a frequent face on the Trommel channels.

Establishing themselves within the sleek and sultry side of house music, the German duo Submod are the minds behind the Leipzig based label vaertism shared with Mbius. The imprint’s debut released featured last year with an impressive eight-track Bandcamp compilation delving into their tasteful shades.

Finding an idyllic match in the subtle and delicate sounds of Submod, Daydream’s side project Ethernal focuses on the more laid back and intimate vibe which the German duo deliver exquisitely. Marking their first vinyl release, the milestone EP showcases the depth of their abilities in this four tracker, featuring a feisty remix from Diego Krause.

Each cut oozes with class, from the flirtatious vibe of ‘Vanguard’, to the mischievous energy of ‘Koper’, there is an effortless energy that comes through in the duos work. ‘Vanguard’ opens up with a gentle excursion, swinging fragile hi-hats above a squirmy acid line and charming chords gleaming with sleaze.

The menacing energy of ‘Koper’ holds a similar vibe to much of the Mountain People’s sleek, uplifting minimal jams. A confident bassline leads much of the charge, fizzing in and out of slurpy percussion and meticulous sound design that is sure to come to life on a nice sound system.

Moods meander through a varied palate of emotions on the record, whilst maintaining a deep and classy vibe throughout. The premiered ‘Caspar’ is arguably the most intriguing of the three originals. Flirting between peak time and druggy, warm up meets after-hour energy, it’s the type of enigmatic minimal jam that fits comfortably at any point of the night.

Clever breakdowns play with tension to great effect, slipping a hat or clap from the mix and reintroducing with a silky shaker part bringing just enough energy to keep you hooked without becoming in your face. Melodies carry a playful vibe, matching the loose and relaxed vibe of the rhythm, plucky notes slot between bass notes with a lush effect, occasionally spinning into neat pitch bends and warm filtering.

The same track gets a powerful reshape from Diego Krause. Pumping rolling energy into the mix, it’s a much more upfront and expressive mood than much of his tooly tracks. Trippy vocal work adds a nice textural depth, while wonky keys and stabs lather this lively cut with energy.

To say this is Submod’s debut vinyl release, the depth and character packed into this EP is strong and pleasantly versatile. The future of both their own projects and future releases is sure one to watch from the growing Leipzig scene.

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