Premiere: A1 – Time To Bloom – Casey Spillman [DAYDREAM005]

Since their debut release in February last year, this forward thinking French label has successfully distributed four amazing records back to back, featuring up and coming artists and establishing the imprint with a signature sound.


The name given to the label fits perfectly with the textures and atmospheres that make up each release, touching heavily on the deep house sounds played by some of Trommel’s favourite artists. It’s not always easy to stand out in this sub-genre, as there are many many artists and labels who’s consistent work load has dominated the sound dating back to the early 90’s, that being said, Daydream is certainly no amateur label, and as the label progresses, so does the feeling that the label is here to stay.


Casey Spillman is no stranger to the scene, having worked his way up through the ranks and now sits on a platform which he has made for himself in the London movement. His music has received support from some of his peers, including Enzo Siragusa, Reiss, Herodot and Mancini. Productions created by this 21 year old Londoner are usually characterised by his ability to infuse garage influenced drum patterns and punchy and tight basslines. As well as the bricks and mortar of his productions, the effects and stabs used really fill in the gaps and give more energy to his works.



The release opens up with something dreamy from Spillman, and we wouldn’t expect anything less. ‘Time To Bloom’ consists of the stuttering chords that Casey is well known for, as well as a selection of undertones and atmospheres that levitate through the track. The breakdown of this track certainly feels like some sort of Daydream, with the atmospheric pads evolving and dipping in and out leaving a mystical yet comforting vibe to those listening.


Casey’s track s followed by music from Worker Union, Noah Skelton and Stevn.aint.leav, all of which bridge towards both deeper and lighter sounds, tying a bow around this release by bringing a creative fullness to this vinyl only record.



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