Premiere: B1 – Livio & Roby – Hajime Mashite (ToFu Productions remix) [TIER003]

TIER 003 artwork

Thomas Melchior and Fumiya Tanaka resume their ToFu Productions moniker on remix duties for Livio & Roby’s Tier imprint.

The third output from the Romanian label continues the shared remix format of the first releases, presenting an extended cut with alternate versions on each side of the vinyl. Both feature original music from founders Livio & Roby with TIER 001 inviting Priku, and the previously premiered 002 splitting the 12” between Ion Ludwig and Direkt.

Nuances of the two Perlon artists seep throughout the ten-minute remix from the off, with Melchior’s mystical pads marrying against a more-ish, Fumiya-sounding low end. Sounds littered with personality appear to intertwine as much as they unravel, spiralling around the familiar-sounding sub-bass heard in Fumiya’s last solo output for the German imprint.

Multiple intriguing, loopy patterns continue to spawn, simmering low in the mix, bringing an ever-changing dynamic to the arrangement, without much need to alter drum programming. The German-Japanese duo are the masters of inventive drum programming. Transforming dry, classic-sounding 909 drums into charming sequences, slashing together with a somehow captivating edge.

This brave and intriguing technique adds a distinctive hypnotic attitude to much of the Perlon output, making this Romanian collaboration on Tier an enticing listen. Compliments from Eastern European flavours leak into the remix, with slippery vocals from ‘Hajme Mashite’ ebbing and flowing between notes with a pensive, ceremonial-like effect.

Stretching out across a full side of the vinyl, the releases title track allows for an extended vocal workout within Livio & Roby’s original cut on the A-side. The duo’s veteran level of output within the minimalist dance floor realms is evident in both excursions. Both tracks feel full and warm, confident indicators of a wisely-mixed output.

The B side brings a reduced dub mix, melding infectious layers of funk with sleek hats and bubbly basslines, begging to be heard through a club system.

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