Premiere: B1 – Kozac – Hoodlove (SIT Remix) [FASTEN13]

The prolific Japanese outlet Fasten Musique welcome Greek duo Kozac to shape the label’s 13th release, with two original tracks and a full sided remix from Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia’s innovative SIT project.

Driving energy into the original through skippy hats and clever percussion, the duo transform ‘Hoodlove’ from a patient warm-up track to tripped-out dance floor tackle. Distinct features from the two SIT specialists seep through the arrangement like water moulding to a cup.

The somehow familiar yet otherworldly groans from Vlad Caia’s psychedelic sophistication compliment the delicate emotion of Cristi Cons, carving the surrealist atmospheres heard in much of the pair’s catalogue.

Piano samples seem to form and displace, as if morphing into one another, the intriguing palate of textures grip the listener for a lesson of aural hypnosis. Dissonant chords gently guide attention away from percussive elements, before being swept up by a deep sub bass. The nine-minute arrangement is over in an instant.

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