Premiere: B1 – Dragutesku – Emotional [OTO003]

It seems Moscow based label Otomoji may be starting to build some momentum. Their third release comes just four months since the last in March earlier this year.

This time, Romanian artist Dragutesku takes control of the full EP, to form Otomoji’s first solo artist release since it launched in 2017. Three tracks are carefully crafted to cater for different dancefloor opportunities, from peak driving sessions to more relaxed moments that might fit well into late mornings, when night becomes day. Emotional over on side B, is very much the latter.

The track starts with a bassline which is as relaxing as it is rolling, a synonymous sound with the ever-growing Rominimal flavour. This infectious groove gives the backbone and space for the pleasant melodies that closely follow. Dragutesku wastes no time with the keys, which begin to dance elegantly across the beat within the first few seconds of the track’s beginning. A sound so warm and polite you can almost imagine the artist’s fingers as they move gracefully over the notes.

Calming percussion litters the background for the duration whilst two simple vocals regularly interject. The pleasantries of this track assure you “just don’t say the wrong thing” and everything will be just fine. Served best on a hot, sunny day with enough space to drift lazily into the melodies, this track has been receiving particular attention from [a:rpia:r]’s Petre Inspirescu. When you’ve got support from one of the biggest in the business as far as Romanian techno is concerned, you can be sure you’ve done good.

The record itself is housed with a fine piece of art on the cover, a painting equally as delicate as the music. The two art forms are combined, making this look as great in a collection as it sounds when being played.

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