Premiere: B1 – Alexis Cabrera – Inesperado [SAVOR018]

After more than a decade in the business, a long string of releases on a tonne of record labels and the successful launch of his own Fun Records (co-founded with Minus favourite Barem), Alexis Cabrera finally graces us with an album release. The pleasure of hosting such an anticipated collection of music belongs to Jorge Savoretti’s Savor.

Titled Theorems, as the definition suggests, there is (according to the man himself) a truth in every track. Eight interpretations of deep, rolling, breakbeat rhythms infused with musical jazz notes depict Cabrera’s own raw style perfectly, a man with musical spirit who knows how to hold down a melody. Inesperado over on B2 is possibly the most funk-laden and groove filled of the bunch.

It’s a subtle start but the big bubbling bassline is ever present from the off. It’s typically round and warm, packing punch. Cool percussion gives the breakbeat which is impossible not to bop your head to. The rest of the track is littered with melodies, in the bassline itself, in the electronic background patter and a whole lot of beautiful piano rhythms, some not that dissimilar to those in his 2014 bomb ‘Fairy Tale’, but here much more elaborate.

Cabrera is really showing off his musical talent, making this more than just a groovy techno track; an impressive and delicate art piece that really comes into its own with the piano solo breakdown towards the back end. Those mixing this in the club will be careful not to mix this one out prematurely and it will be sure to get the special treatment in Cabrera’s own live sets for which he is so renowned.

This LP sees the collaboration of two of Argentina’s finest exports. The South American family it comes from spans wide and it’s not uncommon to find the likes of Cabrera and Savoretti working with other equally as important Argentinian’s in the scene like Barem, Franco Cinelli and Guti. This time however, Cabrera has the full work out treatment and Theorems most certainly does not disappoint.

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