Premiere: A2 – Jive Talk – Still Guv’nin (Voigtmann Remix) [CLASSIQ001]

Jive Talk, the duo, that recently appeared on The Ghost’s Ghost Recs label with a very hyped and anticipated release, is now landing on Classique Records, another new label by ANOTHER duo, recently mentioned by Trommel N-Gynn and Thoma Bulwer. With Voigtmann on the remixing duties – is that bunch of people enough to be called a “dream team” or something? Anyway, let’s check if the guys will continue their hot streak here.

So, we’re starting from the remix. A2, “Still Guv’nin (Voigtmann Remix)”. A delicate, but still bouncy piece, which shows us the power of the collaboration between those two. At least, I heard both signature sounds here. A bit of breakbeats, maybe even closer to “pinch”, dreamy but not monotonous melody – this track just needs a good soundsystem.

If we’re talking about the original of “Still Guv’nin” – this will be a bit slower one. A slow wobbler with a massive nod to UKG, that swipes away all the “dreamy” part from the remix and brings a bit of seriousness instead, along with that conversation here and there. Checking another original on the record – “Shadow Caster”, gives us kinda similar vibes, also a UKG collection of samples inside, and maybe even SLOWER, than the A1. But, damn, that bassline will make some damage in the clubs, mark my words. Thoma Bulwer on his version of this track, did a slight speed-up, but at the same time his remix feels kinda same delicate banger as the original. Just a bit faster.

All these four tools will be up for grabs very soon. Check any good record shop or give your personal vinyl dealer a call.

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