Premiere: A1 – Unknown Artist – Let Ya Body (Be Free) [RBTGN001]

To be honest, we all, probably, got a bit tired of those “Unknown Artists’ edits” lately. Especially at Trommel. As you can see in our premieres section, there is a lesser amount of them in comparison to the previous years, because usually we’re trying to select something interesting. Remember that vibe of the old Dragutesku edits? That’s what I’m talking about. So, when I heard that N-Gynn and Thoma Bulwer are starting a new edits label, I was a bit skeptical, to be honest… Until I heard the tracks.

As usual, the edits are working better, if you’re familiar with the original. “Let Ya Body (Be Free)” originally is a well-known one, “Here For The Love” by Metro – played a million times on the dance floors. In tracks like these you just don’t want to mess the original. And the edit stands tall, making it even more tooly with all those voices rewinds here and the change of tone. Could probably be better, but works perfectly even like this.

Next – “Spank Technology”. Here is also a quick answer to the mystery of the track. Check the remix of “The M.E.L.L.O.” by Bass Bumpers. A perfect nod to the old-school ravey piece from 1991. I guess, you can’t do bad here even if you wanted to. They obviously didn’t.

“Body To Body”. Are. You. Kidding. Me. Probably the simplest and best melody from the 90s, that you could listen to in a loop in the club for hours without getting tired. Originally “Express Of Sound” by Real Vibration. The second favorite track on the record, for sure.

Since I’m not THAT into old jungle and breakbeat, I didn’t find out, what is the last one here, “Das Bull Gyn”. But maybe you will.

And guessing will be much easier with the record in your room, right? That’s what Deejay, Decks, and Vinyl Underground are for. Run!

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