Premiere: A2 – N-Gynn – Another Planet [PCLUB008]


N-Gynn returns to Pleasure Club with a fierce four track EP.

The London producer shaped the first and third release of fabric resident Bobby‘s imprint, establishing his sound with a number of eclectic club cuts, exploring menacing machine-driven beats.

Zesty, inspired-sounding ideas meander through similar ravey moods in the featured ‘Another Planet’ EP. Bouncey hats and ominous basslines tow the line between house and techno in each cut, merging sweaty heads down vibes with slick garagey percussion.

The title track is the record’s most cosmic tip, wrapping vast chords and stuttering melodies around a bassline begging for the reopening of clubs. Drums remain on a simplistic, old-school structure. Crisp 909 hats fizz over the mix with a gentle swing, slotting between melodies with a spatial and natural charm.

Subtle movement and tweaks form from what sounds like the fruits of an extended hardware jam session. It’s the strain of raw, stripped back house music that would slot comfortably into the sets of the likes of Binh and Omar, deep into a morning session at Kiev’s Closer.

‘Wick Dreams’ picks up the pace on the A side with a pulsing techno workout, remnant of the early 90s UK techno from the likes of Dave Angel. A number of influences can be heard throughout the record, with ‘Trippin Balls’ psychedelic deep house flavours, and a nasty acid venture in the conclusive ‘BA Four’.

Many edits and unreleased jams showcase the depths of the UK producers taste on his SoundCloud page, evidencing a well honed relationship with the studio. Listen back to his works for Seven Hills Records in last year’s premiere.

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