Trommel.157 – VO1GT.M4S (Voigtmann & John Dimas)

In a slight change to our scheduled program we deliver just in time for Christmas something rather special. Singularly Voigtmann and John Dimas have been major players on the underground house and techno scene for some time, with their respective labels Subsequent and Elephant Moon both doing important work for the more electro leaning end of the spectrum. They have of course joined forces with devastating effect and the result is VO1GT.M4S – a back to back that combines both artists’ deadly skills both in the studio and in the DJ booth. This combination has seen key performances from the pair in dual mode and they were teasing new joint material in their sets long before they dropped their double wax LP ‘Internal Transmission’ back in August last year on the pairs newly formed joint label Intermission Records.

DJ sets from the pair in this mode are rare and recordings of these sets are even rarer, so we are very lucky to have been gifted a cut of their set from this year’s Gottwood Festival. Producing a sweet spot between techno, acid, and house, but all with a distinctly retro and powerful slant to each interaction.

With an exhilarating “dance ‘til your feet bleed” energy field, coupled with a badass punk rock attitude to boot, VO1GT.M4S offers you a glimpse into their collective mind at work as they grace and command the global stage.” Who could argue with these words from the artists themselves…

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