Premiere: B1 – VOIGT.MAS – Mercury [INTERMISSION01]

Voigtmann and John Dimas finally unleash their highly anticipated album as VOIGT.MAS: ‘Internal Transmission’.

Following the news of the duo hooking up in the studio back in 2019, both selectors have been teasing material in sets as VOIGT.MAS, as well as the recent dubplate announcement featuring cuts from the project.

Both artists have shown no signs of slowing down throughout the pandemic. John Dimas launched a new label mid last year as a home for his more driving, rave-spirited works; alongside the evergrowing Elephant Moon imprint which has been home to Dimas’ works for many years.

Voigtmann’s Subsquent has also seen a prolific year, with recent releases from DMC and CLAFRICA pushing the London-based label’s nimble, electro-tinged sound.

The new VOIGT.MAS project comes with a refreshing zest from both esteemed producers. Each cut is coated with a fiery, sharp-edged energy that feels honest and true to both artists.

When describing the many months of work in the studio, both producers speak of an intense connection between the two of them.

Pumping out effortless jams and achieving an immense level of productivity, the fluency is evident in this slick eight track album; topped off with the album title becoming an ode to the flow state ‘Internal Transmissions’ happening in their studios.

‘Mercury’ showcases one of the more fiesty, club-thirsty cuts in this premiere. Pinned by a lean, growling bassline, snappy snares thrust energy into the mix in the opening minute. Percussion develops with a similar lean, nimble flavour heard in much of the elegant house featured in both their DJ sets.

Breakdowns are subtle and concise, evident of the lucid, jam-driven approach to this collaborative effort. Squirmy synth notes slot into the mix adding a slice of menace, complemented by clever 909 drum programming loading the track with drive.

Tracks explore a variety of feelings throughout the album. ‘Gold’ opens the release with an initimate affair, floating gentle pads over whispering vocals backed by similarly same razor-sharp percussion.

‘Carbon’ ventures into similar introspective realms, showcasing the depths of the duo’s tastes. Bleepy journeys narrate a story between two artists at the top of their game.

With the ability to explore and express in this longer form release, tracks provide a deeper insight into the artist’s world of sound, without compromising on a healthy amount of steamy club heaters. Stay tuned for what the pair have in store at their label’s Soundcloud.

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