John Dimas announces the launch of a pair of new imprints

Berlin-based artist John Dimas has since the very beginning looked to provide a more varied slant on the genres he immerses himself in and as a result, he has become one of the most respected artists in minimal house. Through his Elephant Moon imprint and his countless original productions, Dimas has spearheaded a sound, not of this earth. This has led to the talented artist cropping up on the circuits hottest parties and festivals and now he is poised to bolster his arsenal further with a duo of new labels and a slew of new productions to boot.

Firstly, is his own SYNQ imprint that will feature up-tempo electro bombs starting with the man himself. The 2-tracker futuristic fusion of electro, techno and minimal is exactly what you might expect from John Dimas V2. The duo of peak-time space weapons ‘Transmatik’ and ‘Rave Wave’ hit an impressive stride that tells you all you need to know about the clever, energetic and infectious style that Dimas is known for. SYNQ will also be a vehicle for taking this newly minted imprint out on the road through a series of events and you will undoubtedly be able to find Dimas and a range of likeminded heads doing what they do best.

As well as his own hectic booking schedule John Dimas has hooked up with fellow electro astronaut Voigtmann and together they form the high-octane duo VOIGT.MAS. With several key performances already under their belts, the pair’s social media has gone into meltdown with news leaking of the 2 artists working on joint material. The good news is that the fruits of this studio-based labor will be revealed in their debut album ‘Internal Transmission’ on the pair’s INTERMISSION imprint which will be delivered later this year. Due to the current pandemic woes, there is currently a pause on events but once this subsides John Dimas and his VOIGT.MAS partnership will ensure that the beat returns with a bang and you should most definitely be part of it.

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