Audiodise invite John Dimas and Vitess to their audio paradise in Barcelona

Barcelona based promoter Audiodise are no regular party organisers. For one, their venue is not even a club. Making their home by the beach, Audiodise ensure that they are strictly an open-air affair and the sea front locales that they secure ensure that there is always sun kissed smiles around their dancefloors. Speaking directly from their concept of combining audio and paradise their events aim to transport attendees to a state of mind where nothing matters other than the sheer enjoyment of the moment and of course perfect sound and the soundtrack to match.

Having launched during OFF Week in 2019 their event ticked all those boxes and since they have gone from strength to strength in nurturing this concept. What started as a concept created in Barcelona to be transplanted into Mexico and the wider South American scene as the founders hope to move there in the future. What is also more impressive than the strict approach to the location Audiodise are also fervently connected to the fact that their events free entry as much as possible. This is most definitely the case with their past events with huge acts such as Giammarco Orsini, O.BEE, Maher Daniel, Robin Ordell, local legend Baldo.

They are now shaping up for another sizzling event at their home turf of their own venue Audiodise Beach Club on Friday, September 10th. Situated on Barcelona’s picturesque Playa del Prat their next open-air event will be headlined by a pair of in demand artists worthy of such party. Albanian hotshot John Dimas and French live expert Vitess have been lined up to headline this beach rave. As well as the undoubtedly massive international guest Audiodise also have a slew of local talent waiting in the wings. Providing the supporting vibes will be  MALENA, Monile,  Nicolas Falvo, and resident Swann.

As well as the other elements that make Audiodise events so unique the team have also heavily invested in providing the most pristine sound. In order to deliver on their promise of audio and paradise they have installed a huge Amate Audio soundsystem and with enough sound for two thousand people the Barcelona based audio solution will present the perfect sound stage for this and every event they put their name to.

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