Premiere: A2 – Figi & San Proper – Alive ft. DROMéDA [PDMV001]

The debut release from Guti and David Gtronic’s new vinyl outfit, Personality Disorder Music, comes with the expected selection of hooks, punches and slaps, that are characteristic of the sound we have come to know and love. That has kept them both to the fore when casting an esoteric glance on the scene, however, this time things are looking a bit different, an iterative take that brings something new. This first press sees old-school party force San Proper going head-to-head with Figi for some well thought out electroacoustic combinations. The release also features DROMéDA and LEWIE who imbue their own slant onto each track.

San Proper brings his usual rock and roll production style, this time working in tandem with Figi – an artist fully immersed in music, both as a composer and producer/DJ but also on stage he plays the part of an analogue synth maestro in a 3-piece Disco/Electro/Funk triangle as well as performing his own solo shows. This double LP pulls out all the stops as each artist featured marks their stamp on each track

Premiere track A2 ‘Alive ft. DROMéDA’ sees itself animated as DROMéDA spits sweet nothings over the top of a robust ostinato that continues to tweak and evolve as his vocals forego a certain metamorphosis that really captures the spirit of house music as instruments and vocals go toe-to-toe forming a synchronised development. Previously, A1 “A Place For Love” is primed for cutting some serious shapes, with a sound so funked out it would have your awkward uncle busting some dancefloor-clearing manoeuvres. Studio expertise and experience make themselves audible on this track and can be heard in its effervescence, flow and sheer class.

Meanwhile, A3 “Let it bleed” hears the trio indulging in some real low-slung funk grooves with samples, riffs and structures all being given the late-night treatment. This one is sure to keep bodies moving no matter the hour or even day.

Kick starting the second slice of wax, A2’s “Alive” reinterprets itself with the dirty, dark hours ‘Booty Mix’ reimagination, set for dark hours in dark rooms where no one quite knows what’s going on. This is quickly followed up by ‘Speakers Go Pop’ ft. LEWIE on B2 and the psych fuelled ‘Pickle Juice’ on B3. The same can be said of EP closer ‘It’s A Smell’ and will is certainly set to be the dark horse of the LP and will no doubt find its way into to some top-tier extended sets and after parties across the world.

Personality Disorder have been thinking for the future, with PDMV002 already on pre-order, the release sees a set of star-studded remixes from Seth Troxler, Tom Trago, and label bosses themselves Guti & David Gtronic. With distribution covered by the reputable Subwax Barcelona, it’s safe to say this record will reach all the right places but chances are it won’t be sat on the shelves for long!

PDMV001 is currently available to buy via Subwax.

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