Premiere: A2 – Figi & San Proper – Alive ft. DROMéDA (Seth Troxler Remix) [PDMV002]

PDMV002 covert art, remix package featuring Seth Troxler

Guti and David Gtronic present the second release on their new record label Personality Disorder, with only a few weeks passed since the platform launch. It started with a welcome collaboration between San Proper and Figi, serving up an LP of seven standout originals. The album, entitled “A Place For Love”, brought a blend of furled house, deep dirty grooves and quirky, vocal led rhythms. An album bursting with character, primed for reinterpretation.

The series continues with a more than complimentary remix package, with input Seth Troxler, Tom Trago and the label owners themselves. It makes sense to see Guti and Gtronic on the rework, a pair truly embedded into their own project since the release of their own Personality Disorder LP back in 2019.

They each bring a brush of unique flavours. Taking control of the B side, Guti’s layered percussive rhythms make the treatment on ‘Speakers Go Pop’ next to Gtronic’s squidgy minimalism, fused into ‘A Place For Love’. The A side is saved for the invited, Tom Trago offering a slice of signature techno in ‘Let It Bleed’ ahead of Troxler’s piece, which we present on the premiere.

In true Troxler fashion, intensive energies are stripped back into a deeper, mystical movement. Vocal pieces become the centre, manipulated into the weird and wonderful. Mind melting and trippy, the spoken word becomes a hypnotic catch ready to wrap the dance floor with personification in the system. All the while a politely plodding beat steams through fuzzy broadcast and a spiralling melody, glimmering brightly in the mid. One to get lost in, deep into the night.

A Place For Love Remixes EP is already available for pre-order on Subwax, set for release tomorrow.

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