Premiere: A1 – Parcel Pluto – Quick Reflections [SUB/100]

Having been doing some serious damage in Voigtmann’s sets during 2019 it seemed only right that the German selector should give it a home on his own Subsequent imprint and so the story of mystery artist Parcel Pluto’s ‘Quick Reflections’ begins to unfold. For the labels’ 10th release Voigtmann has something special planned for this sought-after track and milestone release. The focus of this fantastic release lies solely with Parcel’s acid-tinged original as only this track will feature on the release and will come in the form of a one-sided 10” hand stamped record.

Voigtmann had been looking to sign the track ever since he saw how the track was blowing up when he began dropping it in his sets and it is easy to see why it is so popular. The upbeat bomb is an acid flecked monster of a track that harks back to the older house tracks that littered early electronic music when there were much fewer rules and genres to contend with. The bounding bassline that maintains pace throughout the track is joined in tandem with an acid bassline that twists and tweaks its way in and out of view.

So, as well as getting your hands on an excellent piece of peak time electro goodness you also have in your hands a limited run piece of wax that will likely blow up on Discogs before long. Just remember to play your copy rather than hawking to the highest bidder.

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