Premiere: A1 – Joren Edwards – For The Terrace [MOSSV0012]

The Dutch scene has been turning heads recently, producing a healthy output of rising talent. Joren Edwards is a case in point. Since emerging on the scene just last year, the Utrecht based 22 year old has already garnered a strong reputation for his polished groove-driven sound. Now, the young producer makes his debut on Archie Hamilton’s respected imprint Moss Co.

Edwards’ ‘For The Terrace’ EP may be a debut release, but it packs a veteran’s punch. Its three cuts are polished, weighty and primed for the dancefloor. Since its inception in 2013, Moss Co. has featured names including Ferro, Nu Zau and Noha, so it comes as no surprise that Archie Hamilton’s taste is once again on-point.

Today’s premiere is the track’s titular A1: ‘For the Terrace’. Beneath its unpretentious, club-oriented façade, is 9 minutes of rolling, trippy groove. Propelled by its floor-shaking drums, the track’s momentum steadily builds while a deep soulful vocal and conga-sounding percussion nimbly traverse its 4/4 frame. As acid overtones emerge it becomes difficult not to succumb to the track’s infectious atmosphere.  It’s an undeniably effective house cut that’s sure to hit the spot for any DJ with a palate for more full-bodied sounds.

The opening track’s calibre is sustained across the rest of the EP, with ‘Change’ offering a similarly acid-infused affair but with razor sharp-hats and glistening chord stabs, while ‘Searching for You’ takes a dubbier route, as its fat bass surges below rich pads.

The ‘For the Terrace’ EP is available digitally and on wax from the 5th of April via Juno.

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