Premiere: A1 – Felipe Valenzuela & Jota Haya – B.O.A.E. (T.D.W.F.M.) [DKTP003]

Distrikt Paris crew are ready with their third release and it should be as dj-baggy as their previous are. Chilean wizard Felipe Valenzuela is their main choice, but sometimes he’d bring some friends with him. It’s more interesting with friends, right?

The opener will have his first guest here. “B.O.A.E. (T.D.W.F.M.)” is a team work of Felipe and Jota Haya. A squeaky, kinda dark track with a really fat bassline, that will sit in your ears a bit after it ends. A long, perfectly built example of the proper modern house tune. Moderately bleep, kinda dark (already said that), kinda funny (because of that choir chords closer to the end). The melody is doing its job perfectly here – neither distracting us from the bassline, nor getting us bored with itself alone.

The second collab on the record will be between Felipe and Dani Casarano. And the B1 “Sinergia” seems to be a stripped-down version of the A1 track. Much calmer melody, not THAT fat, but still fat bassline, interesting moves of percussion during its 7 minutes – nice, nice… And the 2 last tracks, that are produced by Felipe Valenzuela alone are “The Reshape” on A2 (with the vibe that kinda sends us to the “Too Long” by Daft Punk) – that’s first. And “Kind Of The Future” with its half-broken/half-swinging structure. The main tool of the record is hiding under the B2 position, just for you to know.

I was told that there shouldn’t be ANY delays with this record (remember DKTP001 situation, right?), so you better hurry up and jump into the pre-orders section at Juno, Deejay, Decks or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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