Premiere: C2 – Bassam – Panorama Vision (Jamal wink) [DKTP05]

Bassam is again landing at the Distrikt Paris label, this time with a huge piece of work, his first album, called “Clockwise Rhapsody”. Genre-defying, as we’ve been promised already, knowing his versatility. Well, let’s check if that’s true.

Our today’s track was picked after a very lucky clickthrough a few months ago, when Bassam showed me this for the first time. The click was just on the right second, because I still think that this is the best track on the album and don’t really care about your opinion here. Jumpy rhythm and melody, vocodered vocals, that are compiled together and working perfectly. Already tested on the crowd and must say, it always puts that dreamy smiley face on your first row of dancers. Just as it was designed for. The only question – who’s Jamal? And why are we having his wink here? (the track is called “Panorama Vision (Jamal wink)”) I asked Bassam directly and he told me that this is one of his closest friends, they started raving together and he also was in the studio, when the work on the track started. Mystery solved.

What else do we have here? After the “Intro”, made in some chopped vaporwave-like style, starts the first piece – “Electronic Rhapsody”. A very nice, broken track with some vocodered vocals again (get used to them here). “Après Faut Aimer La Fête” turns us back into a straight category, and also feeds us a bit of deepness and a bit of acid. A tool, definitely. “Sos Marrakech” is continuing the vibe, but also steps into some darker territory, a quest-like type of track. “6 X 4 G” brings us back to life with its much lighter attitude. And also that buzzing, uff, can imagine how it sounds on a nice system. Probably, my second favorite here.

“Back To The Futur (Clockwise Mix)” opens the C-side (the best one here, as you can imagine) with its retro touch for your future dancing. “LAP Memory (40ine Mix)” is balancing nicely between broken and non-broken structures – I still didn’t decide where to put it. “Weather In My Planet” finishes the record just right – there’s this last track feel here, but this is far from a useless outro, more like the last track in the set. And also we have a digital exclusive here – “Mystical Tempo”, but let me leave it to you to discover.

Can’t say, when Bassam will make another album, don’t know, how much energy he has after writing this one, so – definitely don’t recommending to miss it. Deejay, Yoyaku, HHV – you know the drill already.

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