Distrikt Paris heat things up for their summer season with their next event at Kilometer 25

The collective skills of Distrikt Paris have always been applied at a high level, even just the last 6 months will tell you a wide and varied story about some of Europe’s finest parties. Being a nomadic band of brothers, the French crew have the pick of pretty much any venue they cast their vision on to and have enjoyed raves at Cabaret Sauvage, the Yoyaku Record Store, Rex, Nexus, and now travel to the avant garde surroundings of Kilometre 25 for their next soiree on Saturday, July 13th.

Certainly not wavering in their approach to events, on the line up are two of the biggest artists on the planet right now. They have always brought the biggest and brightest to Paris, Carl Finlow, Quest, Laurine and Cecillio, Raphael Carrau, Le Loup, Junki Inoue, Bruno Schmidt, the list will go on and on. In order to continue this trajectory, who else can meet this remit than first of all Sonja Moonear. Where do we start explaining why you need to be in Paris for this party? Without sounding like a cliche, Sonja is a force of nature when those turntables start spinning, long blonde locks being flicked out of view in between her dropping bombs on the waiting crowd is par for the course. Anybody that has caught Sonja in top gear will know just what we are talking about 

Into the Valley 2016 : Sonja Moonear x Raresh

In an equal setting is the Romanian master Raresh. Another artist where it is near impossible to put down on paper how essential his performances are. Being able to meld a multitude of sounds into something that few can touch is a slow Tuesday for the RPR man. High energy, pure emotion, and sheer artistry pour out of the DJ booth when he slips into his flow and this suits Distrikt Paris just fine.

Rising as a headliner in his own right, Distrikt co-founder Bassam will be pairing off against Momo Trosman. The Melcure team member and joint head Argentinian is currently treading a careful path that will certainly lead to the top, his upcoming stint in Barcelona will definitely be a milestone in his career and also his label. This match up with Distrikt Paris mainstay Bassam would seem a perfect matchup and there is most assuredly going to be fireworks from the very beginning.

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Distrikt Paris will also be making their OFF Week debut this year alongside Melcure, Outcast Torino and OFF The Record, grab your tickets at Shotgun.

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