Premiere: 2 – Reto Erni – Everything I Know (Roger Gerressen Remix) [FRAMED014]

Reto Erni is back on his own label Framed Realities, making it number fourteen for the Swiss platform. The co-founder continues to share representation of the sound, sitting alongside Andy Bueler (aka SQUEP) and Christian Schiemann. Driving their own style of minimal tech house alongside friends and remixers, the trio are on as top form as ever.

Erni serves up three original tracks on his ‘Everything I Know’ EP, with Roger Gerressen invited to remix the title track. The Dutch producer has over ten years behind him, releasing on labels the likes of Yoyaku, Fasten Musiqe, Joule Imprint and Mosaic. This will be his first appearance on Framed Realities.

Gerressen takes the groovy, upbeat original of ‘Everything I Know’ and strips it down to deep, dreamy breaks. Growling acid squelches through a snappy beat, a sturdy backbone to the softness around it. Steady chords drift effortlessly in the back, the beginnings of a warm narrative that goes on to blossom.

As synth notes nudge to the percussion, electric surges stream through high pitched melodies. The build is light but juicy until the subtle groove is stripped out at the centre, making way for the contented vocal. It’s easy enough to get lost in the pleasantries of this one, but the big bassline keeps it rooted.

The EP will be available digitally via Beatport, due for release this Friday. Look out also for plenty more in the works from the label. Several additional EPs are planned this year, with Parsec on the next. Events are set to expand across Europe and there’s a vinyl only series on the way too. It’s all happening.

FRAMED014 will be available from Beatport shortly.

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