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    Roger Gerressen’s passion for music started at a young age, as he said in an interview for Trommel a couple of years ago: “ It all started off after receiving A Tribe Called Quest album from one of my sisters friends on my 13th birthday and I also used some of my birthday money to buy Wu-Tang’s first album as well.”.

    He discovered techno music later in life when his friends brought him to a rave on his 18th birthday and his life moved in a different direction quickly. Following this day, he has constantly been learning and perfecting his mixing technique. From 2004 onwards he got the chance to warm up crowds on a regular basis at the legendary Planet Rose club nights, which made his hometown Nijmegen an excellent place to develop his skills as a warm-up DJ and to obtain a broad taste in music. The dutch town always had a strong history in electronic music, but remained small enough not to be influenced by trends or hypes: a perfect spot to create your own sound and identity, playing alongside the greats.

    Since he first co-founded ESHU Records in 2011, he kept innovating with music, often working together with Ivano Tetelepta or in group projects like Dilated Pupils, ARC# and Novio Dub Tribe among others. When joining the Paris-based Yoyaku (label/store/distribution) he had the chance to release music on a few of the record store’s in-house labels like Joule Imprint, Aku, main label Yoyaku and renowned labels such as Sushitech and Mosaic. With Yoyaku’s support, he set up many labels to meet his output (Irenic, Autodidact Records, Fstauer, Diurnal and more) and to provide him with the creative freedom he and his many monikers were looking for.

    Portrait de Roger Gerressen à Paris

    As a producer, the first thing that comes to mind when describing Roger Gerressen could be prolific. He never stops delivering quality music in all kinds of genres.

    For many years now he kept innovating, working with a lot of different artists and releasing music under different aliases. Always looking for something new, he recently presented various fresh projects each with a distinctive trademark. Whether released under the name Roger Gerressen, new aliases, or new collaborations, this new material shows his amazing production skills and versatility as a producer.

    Roger Gerressen – Tiger Fold [YYK No Label]

    Back in 2021, he released a beautiful two-tracker on YYK No Label series, oscillating between future electro and dub techno. A stunning production released in an origami sleeve that fits perfectly with the artist’s taste for innovation.


    Reinhardt Fötzestauer – Bad Girl [Fstauer]

    At the beginning of 2022, Roger Gerressen unveiled Fstauer, a new imprint on which he released tracks of his own. Under an umpteenth alias, Reinhardt Fötzestauer, he crafted three moody tracks playing with sub bass, echoed trippy voices, and acid lines. That one sold out quickly. Hopefully, we’ll get more in the future.


    Roger Gerressen – Bloodflow [Diurnal]

    In June, Roger Gerressen presented his new label Diurnal with a beautiful first release. Three serious pieces of music for the mind and soul, drifting between techno and the more dubbier side of things.

    More releases are coming in the next months on this new imprint.


    Argee – Untitled Beats [Straatkunst]

    This summer Roger Gerressen unveiled his new label Straatkunst focusing on hip-hop music, perhaps a part of him that you do not know yet.

    Under the new moniker Argee, he released a collection of instrumental beats made throughout the years and collaborates with Toeknee Tee on the first track, Ban’N.

    With Toeknee Tee, major support in the Netherlands.


    The Tolhouse Men – Untitled LP [Eardrummachine]

    In September 2022 a project that had been marinating in the vaults for a very long time finally came to life. The  Tolhouse Men, a gathering of Ivano Tetelepta, U-Gene, and Roger Gerressen, released their first album on the new imprint Eadrummachine Recordings. This unique combination of house, soul, and futuristic broken beats and R&B also features a guest appearance by Ke.

    Buy | Youtube

    Roger Gerressen – Heading In A Backwards Direction (Repress) [Yoyaku Records]

    His album released on the Yoyaku main label in 2019 will be repressed soon. It will land in all stores in the weeks to come. If you missed it, it’s the perfect time to rediscover this majestic album, deeply emotional, all beautifully packed on two slabs of vinyl.


    Sahasrahla – The Wise Man [Autodidact]

    Roger Gerressen released this old-school minimal techno with his alias Sahasrahla, on his label Autodidact.


    Unknown Artist – VWV004 [VWV]

    In January 2021, Roger Gerressen released these two cheeky dubby house edits. The A-Side is warm and dark at the same time, featuring a wonderful and breathtaking dub edit of Nina Simons’ vocals, and the B-side The Doors’ singer Jim Morrison.


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