Premiere: B2 – Daniel Meister – Staid (Matpri Remix) [FRAMED011]

Wizard Daniel Meister returns to Zurich-based label Framed Realities with a full EP under his name. Already featured on the label for their very first release as a remixer, he takes the lead this time and adds his original production to the catalogue.

Politics of the house: with every release, you’ll find a certain blend of all styles. “We try to mix different takes on the minimal-dub-house genre,” said Christian Schiemann, third head of the label alongside Squep and Reto Erni. He takes the lead for the in-house remix on FRAMED011 and lets well-known micro house producer Matpri putting his touch on the B side for the remix of ‘Staid’.

Matpri keeps the aesthetic of the original track intact but dials up the emotion meter playing around with intensity. The track’s moody, groovy beat lays a perfect foundation for him to play with textures as he builds up the tune with aerial sounds. He adds this something special kicking off at perfect timings to hit the dance floor instantly, bringing us to a deep travel in space. For every emotional groover, follow the strong beat and dancing rhythm.

The label came together in early 2019 as Squep and Reto Erni wanted to share their vision of the music they loved and played regularly on the weekend in Switzerland. Christian joined the label soon after as they built it on strong connections. “Framed Realities is our vision of music and we also love to get better in producing and share experiences,” shared Christian. “Personally I am very grateful that they asked me to be part of that journey, from the beginning on I had the feeling that this was very personal for Reto and Andy.”

Indeed, the most important thing next to music style is the connection they get with the artist on a human level. As Daniel Meister is growing on the scene right now, he has always been close to the label, and they always knew he’d release a full EP on Framed Realities. They fell in love with these tracks and decided to release it. “It is exactly what we like in his music,” said Christian, “slick drums & pumping but not obvious grooves mixed with great production skills.”

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