Premiere: B2 – Matpri – Etude [SM007]

Matpri, also known as Primat, is a DJ and producer hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia.

With more than 20 years of experience, his ideas and principles are quite clear to himself: “music is mainly a rhythm for me, melody and harmony leave at the second place. Therefore, dance in a music is a necessary condition for me” he proudly says.

2017 was a great year for him, with the launch of his vinyl label Prosaic, a place designed to host his personal music projects. The first release, Dancefloora EP, see the light in March 2018 and included four tracks of micro-house. He explains us that “all of them were recorded in Ableton, with its base of virtual instruments and effects. In addition, I used Reaktor Blocks for various futuristic sequences, Waldorf Rocket for the highlines and Push controller to help creating the beats”.

For this new EP, named Vantuz and published by iO Mulen’s Slowdy Mowdy, he took a different route, basing his work on synthesizer and modules, in particular Softube Modular and VCVRACK. This shift yielded a great result and boosted his own creativity. In fact, he said to us that “prefer modulars more than anything else because with them you can make a unique patch and get a unique sound. Moreover, if you add the capabilities that Ableton has, the creative process becomes continuous, and the result is sometimes really unexpected”.

The intro of B2, named Etude for which we have the exclusive full-length stream, has an array of bleeps and synthetic sound that builds up the rhythm and the tension perfectly, waiting for the bass to kick in. Subtly minimal, the track shows many layers cleverly intricated together. The cut do not compromise on the essentials, and is particularly driven by its bouncy rhythm, a nice showcase of his skills as well as his studio-beliefs

For the near future, a release on Hoarder is planned, where again something different will be proposed, this time in the form of a more melodic, hard-synthesized and widly-rhythmic cut.

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