Yoyaku have confirmed the date for their rescheduled Airdrome event with Ricardo Villalobos

Unfortunately for influential Parisian label Yoyaku back in March their planned Airdrome event at Parc des Expositions le Bourget was one of the first events to fall foul of COVID-19. Although the event was originally rescheduled for Saturday, November 7th Yoyaku were still able to throw a label showcase that featured Cabanne, Varhat, Arno, Audio Werner Roger Gerressen, Zendid and Lamache at the now-shuttered Dehors Brut.

With social distancing continuing to ease around the world Yoyaku has now revealed the new rescheduled date for their Airdrome event as being Saturday, . The all-star cast of ArnoAudio WernerCabanneJaneretLamacheLowrisMaayan NidamRoger GerressenThomas MelchiorVarhat  and  Zendid will join honorary team member and very special guest Ricardo Villalobos which will hopefully herald the beginning of large capacity events returning to France once again.

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