Georg Stuby – Funky Fungi 003 [FF003]

After the big success of FF002, a V.A. sciently crafted by Mo Stern, Funky Fungi returns with its third release, this time a solo EP from label founder and owner Georg Stuby, whose duties were only on remix on the previous issue.

The record, that will be out on 1st of June in all stores, is already available from black.round.twelve in Berlin. The EP is made of one funky minimal cut and two impressive remixes, all under the name of Xerula.

On A1, is possible to find the original mix by Georg Stuby: the track is made of few elements but at the same time very rich in sound, looking for a stripped down & minimalist sound and driving an hypnotic sense of energy to a steady level for the whole length. The loop is spot-on and captivating, the real core value of the track.

On A2, the Funk E remix. Here the artist stress even more the driving vibe of the original with some tighter bass-lines, bringing the track to a next level but at the same time keeping the main motive. The work of Funk E is notable because is adapting the track to a different kind of sound without revolutionizing it.

on B1, is possible to find the Lowris & Ashac` Remix which opens up to the trippy afterhour dimension like only the best and most complete records do, giving the owner several chances to use the same record all in different scenarios and situations. Here, the motive goes in the complete opposite directions of the A-side, with slow and shallow sounds perfectly balanced out by some interrupted vocals.

Grab your copy before is too late!

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Photos and design from Jonas Otte –

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