Reverse and La ASO combine to present a Barcelona Yoyaku showcase

Barcelona and large parts of Spain have been sadly being relatively slow to return to business post lockdown restrictions. Two such promoters La ASO and Reverse have joined forces to bring back top parties to the usually thriving club scene.

La ASO is no stranger to throwing great parties and their previous combined guests have included Apolonia member Dan Ghenacia, Maher Daniel, and Janaret. Over on the side of Reverse and this DJ collective are also well versed in the art of events and they have welcomed Jessica Diaz, Denis Kaznacheev, and have also produced Off Week events alongside The Zoo Project and Atipico.

Now that we are up to speed on what these crews have been up to in the past we can begin looking towards what the two parties have been cooking up. Taking place in a secret location in Barcelona on Saturday, August 21st the joint event will feature a crack team of artists from one of the hottest outfits in electronic music – Yoyaku.

Heading up the party will be the duo of Zendid, Lowris, and Varhat and the French team of artists will as always bring with them a serious musical pedigree. From their studio output to their brand guidance and the DJ sets Yoyaku is the real deal and the stage is set for one hell of a party. Warming up the Funktion One stacks will be the combined residents of Hugo Esmeraldo, Jesus, Maxupiciu, Monile, and Pisano.

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